10 best areas to invest in Dubai

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Top 10 Residential Areas in Dubai

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why invest in dubai

Why Invest in Dubai?

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dubai investment market

Dubai Investment Market

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Fixed deposits vs. Real estate Investment

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Inflation and overall costs

Financial independence starts with financial literacy.

Educating yourself on achieving financial independence starts with financial literacy. One of the key aspects to achieving financial literacy is not only to learn from experts in the field but question old and tried methods and explore what financial independence means to you. While investing in stocks and bonds can be one form of financial investment, there is a growing need to diversify into other asset classes such as real estate. Zach Holz of finance blog The Happiest Teacher shares some of his insights here

LuxHabitat Talks – Crowdfunding is the future of real estate

Smart Crowd CEO, Siddiq Farid speaks to Aneesha Rai for an edition of Luxhabitat Talks to discuss how real estate crowdfunding is changing the property landscape in the UAE. Find out how Smart Crowd came to be from its inception in 2017 to being selected as 1 of 12 Fintech start-ups based in the inaugural DIFC accelerator – the Fintech Hive. Smart Crowd is the first financially regulated real estate crowdfunding platform that aims to democratize real estate for everyone! Listen to the full interview here. 

Why it could be the best time to buy a home in Dubai

Here’s why landlords across Dubai are being more flexible than ever before when it comes to prices, rent-free periods, and payment terms making it one of the best times to be a tenant. Our investment director Jake Wright has his say on alternative income structures in addition to short term rental agreements that can secure tenancy. Read more on Khaleej Times.

Smart Crowd completes funding for Marina Quays holiday home!

Smart Crowd is very pleased to announce we have completed funding for our third investment property at Marina Quays with 35 investors! Developed by Emaar in 2008, the property is a one-bedroom holiday home located minutes from the bustling JBR beach. This was an exciting opportunity for investors as the property is already rented out and managed by HiGuests – a premium property management company. The average investment made was AED 24,000 , with expected ROI of 8.11% on dividends. Learn more about our future investment opportunities at www.smartcrowd.ae.

Dubai a Top destination for international retailers

Dubai – A Top Destination For International Retailers

The global retail landscape has undergone monumental changes in the last few years. From integrating innovative technologies to evolving with the changing consumer, the retail industry is redefining itself. Riding on such waves of change are creating new markets and economies which are not only gaining traction from the retail players but also shaping up to be the retail destinations of the future. One such rising retail market in the world today is in Dubai. In the last few years, UAE has developed as a key player in the global retail market. Of its major markets, Dubai particularly has been a topic of research among experts. Dubai has found itself in the list of top 100 retail destinations of the world with major international retailers foraying into the Middle East through this international city. And there are plenty of factors that are responsible for driving Dubai to be the next biggest destination for international retailers.

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6 Steps To keep In Mind While Buying A Home In Dubai

Buying a home is a tiring process that involves a lot of time and patience depending on various factors. Broadly speaking, the process can take anywhere between two and ten weeks. Some factors that can impact the process are mortgages (either the one that you take or the one that the seller already has), brokers, agents, conveyancers, etc. While we always recommend having an agent and a conveyancer in your team, as a property buyer you must ensure that you are aware of the processes and regulations before you decide to buy a property in Dubai.

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