Top 10 Residential Areas in Dubai

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10 best areas to invest in Dubai

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Dubai Investment Market

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Why Invest in Dubai?

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Fixed deposits vs. Real estate Investment

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how inflation affects us

Inflation – How it’s gonna Affect your Living

In absolute simple terms, inflation means, you have to pay more for the same products and services. Therefore, over a period of time, inflation tends to increase your cost of living if your income does not match up with the inflation. It can be helpful if there is asset inflation and you have purchased the assets before the prices increase. There are many effects of inflation which we shall explore in this topic.

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New Investment law in UAE – Is it Good or Bad?

The UAE Government has been making some landmark decisions to attract more foreign investments into the country. On September 23, 2018, the Government took another giant step towards relaxing the rules which limited foreign companies to own companies in the United Arab Emirates. The Foreign Direct Investment Law (the FDI Law) (Federal Law No. 19 of 2018) was enacted after much speculation and debate regarding the possible liberalization of the restrictions of foreign ownership in the UAE. Earlier, the maximum limit of the shares that an overseas shareholder could hold in a UAE-onshore company was 49 percent (under the UAE Commercial Companies Law – Federal Law No. 2 of 2015). Continue reading

Defect liability period

What You Must Know About The Defect Liability Period

The long wait is finally over. The developer has confirmed the completion of construction of your property. All you need now is the signed building completion certificate which is an official document that allows occupying the building. However, this is also a time where you must check the property for defects if any. In this article, we will explore the defect liability period and the laws that govern it. Continue reading

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