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GEMS Rewards and SmartCrowd Partner To Boost Financial Literacy in the UAE

Read all about this exciting collaboration aimed at empowering families in the UAE to take control of their financial future and make informed investment decisions.

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SmartCrowd, the region’s first DFSA-regulated real estate crowdfunding platform, is joining hands with GEMS Rewards, a loyalty program from world-renowned private education provider, GEMS Education, to increase financial literacy and improve investment habits among UAE families.

Through this partnership, GEMS Rewards and SmartCrowd are set to revolutionise the way UAE families understand, value, and manage their finances. Both organizations aim to equip over 100,000 UAE families, students, and school staff, with essential financial skills through a series of interactive webinars and tutorials conducted by experienced professionals in finance.

The project will serve as part of GEMS Education’s ongoing effort to ensure its school students have access to quality resources for financial independence. SmartCrowd’s expertise in real estate crowdfunding will provide valuable insights and skills to the GEMS Rewards network

SmartCrowd’s innovative platform allows individual investors to take a “fractional” share in a rental property through a low entry barrier of AED 500, giving families greater control over their finances and empowering them to make informed decisions about their investments.

Siddiq Farid, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartCrowd, is confident this joint initiative will be successful in creating a more financially independent community. He says: “We are excited to be partnering with GEMS Rewards to help UAE families build stronger financial futures. Besides making real estate investments more accessible to the masses, SmartCrowd has always been committed to promoting financial literacy in the region.

“Through this partnership, we look forward to providing even more families with the resources they need to make sound investments and build sustainable wealth for generations to come.”

<em>This partnership is a step forward in the effort to promote financial literacy and improve investment habits among UAE families<em>

GEMS Education, having realised the financial impact of school fees on family budgets, introduced GEMS Rewards, a platform where like-minded partner brands provide special discounts and exclusive offers to help alleviate the financial burden of school fees.

Through GEMS Rewards, SmartCrowd will also introduce incentives such as sign-up bonuses and cashback offers to the GEMS network, encouraging them to generate a secondary income through the award-winning SmartCrowd platform.

Ershad Ahmed, Vice President of Loyalty and Strategic Partnerships at GEMS Education, echoed Farid’s sentiments, saying: “At GEMS Education we care deeply about our families and are committed to providing them with value at every opportunity. Through this exciting partnership with SmartCrowd, our families and staff will have the opportunity to develop their financial literacy and explore traditionally safe and smart investments.”

The new educational initiative is aligned with the UAE’s vision of empowering youth through education, as well as promoting financial prosperity among nationals and residents alike.

Globally, studies show that nearly two-thirds of people do not have the minimum necessary understanding of prudent principles needed to manage their finances and access financial services. Furthermore, a lack of financial literacy disproportionately affects women and young people.

By working together, the new SmartCrowd-GEMS Rewards partnership aims to promote a financially healthy and secure society for all.

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