Here's the recording to our last webinar on 16th March: How to Evaluate a residential property in Dubai

Whether it’s a home or an investment, over the course of our lives most of us will buy at least one residential property. Yet despite that, many of us don’t have the right tools or simply don’t know how to evaluate a fair price. If you want to learn actionable steps you can take today to evaluate your next residential property in Dubai, you don’t want to miss this session.

What we covered in our session:

  • This was a hands on practical tutorial that was presented by Co-founder and CEO of SmartCrowd, Siddiq Farid, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant and CFA holder
  • Members walked away with a methodology to analyze their next residential deals
  • Members got insight into the top metrics experienced property investors focus on
  • Members learned how to keep emotions at bay, specifically for investment properties
  • Members were informed about the free digital tools available to analyze residential deals
  • BONUS: download your free excel model to help you in your next real estate deal! Forward to 1:11 of the video below to see Siddiq Farid run through the Excel model!

Download your free excel model here!