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Why sell to only one person when you can access hundreds at once?


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Submit an application and answer a few simple and straightforward questions.

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Our property analyst goes through your submission and prepares a valuation based on 100 different points. 

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We List Your Property

After screening is done, we list and promote your property to our investors. At this point you just need to sit back and wait.

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When the property gets fully funded, we will inform you and begin the paperwork to transfer it over.

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Why sell your property through SmartCrowd?

Speed and Effeciency

Since we use crowdfunding, we can offer up your property to hundreds of investors at once. That way we can get the funds to fionalize the sale much faster than looking for a single buyer!

Hassle Free

All you have to do is complete our simple online form, provide the requested documents and we’ll do the rest. Save time and energy by selling your property from wherever you are.

Seamless Transparent Transaction

We have a captive set of new and repeat motivated investors, ready to invest in real estate across the Smart Crowd platform. And you can monitor the full process by creating an account, no hidden costs, no purchase price discrepancies, just full transaction transparency.

We Do The Pitch For You

We analyze your property and assess it on over 100 points. And we use this analysis to attract buyers and help them see why your property is among the best of the best!