Sell your property through SmartCrowd

Smart Crowd allows you to sell ready residential properties across its innovative, DFSA regulated, crowdfunding platform.

Why sell your property through SmartCrowd?

Hassle Free

All you have to do is complete our simple online form, provide the requested documents and we’ll do the rest. Save time and energy by selling your property from wherever you are.

Reliable & Secure

Being the first regulated real estate crowdfunding platform in the region, we follow industry best practices for properties listed on our platform.

Seamless Transparent Transaction

We have a captive set of new and repeat motivated investors, ready to invest in real estate across the Smart Crowd platform. And you can monitor the full process by creating an account, no hidden costs, no purchase price discrepancies, just full transaction transparency.


We are like no other property sales channel, as we conduct detailed investment analysis on every property listed on the Smart Crowd platform. We don’t just want to list your property, we want to understand it to help investors make quicker, informed, investment decisions.

How to sell your property through SmartCrowd?


Submit details about your property by clicking on the “Submit Property” button above.


We analyze the property on over 100+ data points to confirm qualification & investment eligibility.


We agree on the selling price, finalize documents & list the property on our platform.

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