Income & Fees

Your Income & Our Fees

Find out how you can manage your income from your investment, alongside our associated fees

1. Investment

Once an investment is made in a property through Smart Crowd, that investment in the property is held under the investor’s name via a special purpose vehicle (SPV). The SPV is with the DIFC per the Dubai Land Department requirements.

2. Rental Income

Paid through dividends relative to the proportion of the investment. This occurs when rent is collected (i.e monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).

3. Notification

Investors receive an email notification that dividends have been received and transferred into their Smart Crowd accounts wallet. Investors can choose to accumulate the dividends in their wallet to make future investment or can withdraw at any time and Smart Crowd will transfer the funds to the investors bank account.

4. Monitor

Investor can login to their dashboard to monitor current investments and rental income received, with the option to withdraw income or reinvest into other properties.

Smart Crowd Fees

FeeAmountTime of DeductionPurpose
Platform based1.5%Payable on the property price and deducted once the legal process is completedCosts for investment vehicle payament processing, escrow services, anti-money laundering compliance checks
Exit Fee2.5%Payble on property priceAlign interests with investors to ensure exit takes place
Annual Admin Fee10%Payable of rental amountCosts for investment vehicle and facility management