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Will I be required to invest in further capital to maintain my ownership?

We don’t expect investors to make further capital contributions. Gross rents funds all costs including bills and fees. Property insurance mitigates the risk of catastrophic damage, such as flood or fire.

We also forecast certain costs, such as upcoming maintenance, and either: (a) raise a maintenance allowance provision during the initial crowdfunding when the property is a New Listing or (b) set aside a certain amount of the gross rent for these costs as and when they arise. We make all of this information available to investors at the point of investment. If further information relating to costs becomes available, we will communicate this clearly via our website so that all investors (current and prospective) are notified via email and their personal dashboard.

It is possible that a cost is incurred that is larger than gross rent that is unexpected and uninsured. In such a scenario, Smart Crowd will consult with the investors for a remedial plan that the investors will vote on through their dashboard.

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