How do I earn a return

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How do I earn a return?

Beneficially, you own a portion of the individual property via a DIFC investment vehicle. The investment vehicle’s revenue is derived from the rental yield of the held property. Dividends will be issued from the investment vehicle and you will receive a share of dividends in proportion to your ownership as a shareholder.

The dividends available to property owners are calculated as the gross rent collected from tenants, less the property-related costs, which include but are not limited to, service charges, repairs and maintenance, management fees, investment vehicle administrative fees.

Estimates of future dividends are provided with the listing. These estimates are based on consultation with third parties, such as local estate agents and consultants. We then apply estimates for void periods, on-going maintenance, and any other costs we envisage as per the above. Our estimates are available for review as part of the investment process.
However, it is important to note that this information is based on past performance, which cannot be regarded as an accurate indicator of future results. Smart Crowd does not provide investment advice. It may be that gross rents are lower and/or higher costs are incurred. It is important that you refer to the key risks involved with investing via the Smart Crowd platform.

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