Even Warren Buffet thinks it’s the time to invest in UAE real estate!

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Even Warren Buffet thinks it’s the time to invest in 'UAE' real estate!

This is the Warren Buffett school of investing. Look for bargains amidst quality locations that are down on their luck, take a deep breath and buy something.
And which property market has the world’s most famous investor decided to back this summer, quite quietly and with no great fuss locally? Actually, Dubai. Berkshire Hathaway, Mr Buffett’s main investment vehicle, has acquired Fine & Country (UAE), an estate agency.
This is a very small investment for Mr. Buffett, his first-ever in the Arabian Gulf as far as I know. But it should provide an excellent return-on-investment if his long-term judgement on the market is correct. It is seldom wrong.
Even though the property prices and rentals have dropped over the past few years, Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide with rental returns double of what is provided by some of the biggest cities in the world. This is where Warren Buffet’s school of investing comes into play
“Looking for bargains amidst quality locations that are down on their luck, take a deep breath and buy something.”
This stands one of the best times to make investments in the Dubai real estate as the economy is said to remain at a steady rise until peaking in EXPO2020.
Real estate marketplace Property Finder has also conveyed that the UAE real estate continues to provide some of the highest returns in the world despite the downward trend experienced by prices and rents in 2018. This gives investors and even first-time investors a golden chance to create a more diversified investment portfolio.
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