Dubai, the most fairly priced Real Estate Market!

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Dubai has been ranked as one of the most fairly priced Real Estate markets globally from UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index in 2019.

Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2019.

In recent years, Dubai has come to attention in terms of the real estate market and the opportunities it provides to investors. The UBS Global Market Index essentially puts the housing market into a long-term perspective and analyses the risk of property prices in global cities. According to their list, Munich has the greatest risk of a “price bubble.”

Furthermore, the term “price bubble” is nothing but the sustained mispricing of an asset. It is a phenomenon that occurs regularly in price markets, and there is no explanation for it until the bubble actually bursts. The burst leaves an impact and explanations of the bubble/burst can be derived from these very impacts.

As a result of this analysis, they have found that Dubai is not only wary from the risk of a bubble, but is also one of the most fairly priced Real Estate markets on a global level. The study also identifies 3 factors due to which investors have enjoyed long-term capital gains in most Real Estate sectors. Learn more by watching our informative video here!

SmartCrowd – Global Real Estate Market Outlooks

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