6 Steps To keep In Mind While Buying A Home In Dubai

Buying a home is a tiring process that involves a lot of time and patience depending on various factors. Broadly speaking, the process can take anywhere between two and ten weeks. Some factors that can impact the process are mortgages (either the one that you take or the one that the seller already has), brokers, agents, conveyancers, etc. While we always recommend having an agent and a conveyancer in your team, as a property buyer you must ensure that you are aware of the processes and regulations before you decide to buy a property in Dubai.

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how inflation affects us

Inflation – How it’s gonna Affect your Living

In absolute simple terms, inflation means, you have to pay more for the same products and services. Therefore, over a period of time, inflation tends to increase your cost of living if your income does not match up with the inflation. It can be helpful if there is asset inflation and you have purchased the assets before the prices increase. There are many effects of inflation which we shall explore in this topic.

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Defect liability period

What You Must Know About The Defect Liability Period

The long wait is finally over. The developer has confirmed the completion of construction of your property. All you need now is the signed building completion certificate which is an official document that allows occupying the building. However, this is also a time where you must check the property for defects if any. In this article, we will explore the defect liability period and the laws that govern it. Continue reading