6 Steps To keep In Mind While Buying A Home In Dubai

Buying a home is a tiring process that involves a lot of time and patience depending on various factors. Broadly speaking, the process can take anywhere between two and ten weeks. Some factors that can impact the process are mortgages (either the one that you take or the one that the seller already has), brokers, agents, conveyancers, etc. While we always recommend having an agent and a conveyancer in your team, as a property buyer you must ensure that you are aware of the processes and regulations before you decide to buy a property in Dubai.

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Do you still need a Real Estate Agent?

Whether we are buying or selling a real estate property, the one question that passes through our minds is, ‘Do we need real estate agents?’ Even though these agents come with a lot of professional knowledge and experience, are they a must? Or, can we purchase or sell a property without the involvement of a real estate agent completely? The answer is simple – you can buy/sell a property without employing the services of a real estate agent. However, before you make that decision, ensure that you take a quick look at the pros and cons of having a real estate agent by your side. Continue reading

Cheapest areas to live in dubai

8 Cheapest Areas To Live In Dubai With Best Amenities In 2019

Being one of the most dynamic industry spaces in the UAE, the real estate market has undergone quite a lot of change in recent years, thus giving rise to various kinds of properties around the city. A bustling international city, Dubai attracts all kinds of expats. More so with the increased flexibility of socio-economic policies and regulations, and the government’s initiatives for expansion of the economy.

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