About Us

About Us

We are the future of real estate investing.

Our Mission

“Our ambition is to provide you an innovative solution to all your real estate investment needs through our crowdfunding platform. We empower you to make your own investment decisions with one of the most investible asset classes in the world – real estate”.

Who we are

Smart Crowd was founded on a simple premise of fulfilling the needs of an average investor.

We are a passionate team of financial experts on a mission to make real estate accessible to everyone! Historically, real estate investment has been accessible to a very niche group of individuals and institutions due to the large capital outlay it requires.

This means average investors are left to choose from a limited pool of slow-growth or high-risk options whilst the property investment market remains out of reach.  Smart Crowd aims to change that by democratizing real estate investment for all with low minimum investments. We are industry leaders as the first regulated real estate investment platform in MENA where our investors’ needs are of highest priority. Learn more about our CEO’s vision here.

What do we do

Smart Crowd allows you to build a personalized investment property portfolio through a convenient online platform with a minimum investment of AED 20,000. Large investment requirements will no longer be an impediment to your financial freedom, helping you generate secondary income and accumulate wealth in real and hard assets. This approach enables you to treat properties more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation rather than dealing with the hassles of researching and buying vacant properties that need to be managed. By allowing low minimum investments investors are able to build a well-diversified investment property portfolio without taking on too much leverage and risk.

Awards and Acheivements

We provide everyone with an alternative to save and invest in real estate with low minimum investment requirements. Our digital investment platform enables you to invest in real estate and diversify your property portfolio without taking on too much risk. We are the first regulated real estate investment platform in MENA giving you access to premium real estate investments through our state-of-the art digital platform. We want you to obtain what was once out of reach – a private investment portfolio of your own.